Happy Customer Testimonials

“A fear was holding me back from pursuing my dream. As soon as I heard the first question, I started to laugh. Suddenly it was obvious how absurd my fear was and how easy it was to turn it around.

What I love about this technique is that no-one else tells you what to think, but rather by answering the questions you find your own answers and experience the difference yourself.”

Ketlin Kaljas
Healer, Estonia

“After a heated argument with my wife, I was anxious and disturbed. Juuso’s facilitation enabled me to see the reality of the situation, which had been veiled by my disturbing and unfounded beliefs. With this, I was set free from the shackles I had created for myself.”

Esa Pelkonen
Student of Education Theory, Finland

“I was anxious regarding recurring situations at my workplace. During the session, my thoughts became clearer and my experience of the situations became less stressful. At the same time, I felt it became easier for me to communicate at the workplace.”

Katariina Aho
Cultural Producer, Finland

“This technique helps me to quickly cut into the core of the troubling situation by exposing the ideas I have come up with to distract myself from dealing with the actual problem. It is a fast, solution oriented mental cleaning up which despite its speed can resolve even big concerns in surprising ways.”

Helena Pavloff-Pelkonen
Vocational Teacher of Theatre Art, Finland

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Juuso Voltti - The Work of Byron Katie Facilitator