About me

Juuso Voltti

My name is Juuso Voltti and I am a happy living enthusiast.

After a brief encounter with experiencing simple happiness in the 1990s, I was hooked. Even though this happiness was short-lived and it wasn’t in any way practical, the idea was firmly planted in my mind.

I then set out to find a way to take this experience of happiness and get to experience it on a daily basis in my everyday life.

I read books on everything from psychology to neurology; self-help to spiritual teachings; meditation to mindfulness. I took courses, went to seminars and did meditation retreats. I traveled to four different continents and listened to anyone and everyone.

This went on for over two decades and I learned a ton of information. Was this information helpful or practical? No.

None of this made the least bit of difference for my sense of happiness.

Then it hit me

After dismissing the whole thing as a wild goose chase, it suddenly hit me in November 2012. Something changed. And thanks to everything I had studied in the previous two decades, I knew exactly what had happened.

Did my life change overnight? Yes and no. While the essence of how to be happy became quite clear to me, there was still a bit of a learning curve to applying all this in my everyday life.

It became apparent to me that applying this knowledge of happiness in real life depended on one vital skill: knowing how to relax and resolve both internal and external conflicts.

Unfortunately, most therapies and relaxation techniques don’t enable you to resolve conflicts on the necessary level – or they are way too slow to be practical. I knew I had to find something else.

At this point, I stumbled upon a number of techniques, which did exactly this. They were quick, easy and went straight to the core of the problem. These techniques were the missing link between what I had learned about happiness and applying that knowledge in real life. These techniques are what I now teach in Plan B Stress Relief.

Stress Relief and Music Composition

In addition to my life-long interest in happiness, I have also another passion: writing music. I have a degree in classical music composition and after finding the aforementioned techniques, these two passions of mine started to intertwine in a surprising way.

When writing music I have learned to trust my subconscious mind to come up with ideas and solutions. Interestingly enough, it is this same approach you need to use in order to easily resolve internal and external conflicts.

Our brains do this easily and instinctively whether you consider yourself a creative person or not. You simply need to bring your attention to the right questions and your subconscious will get to work for you.

From Stress Relief to Happiness

These techniques, while fantastic in their own right, also work very well to illustrate how my happiness enhancing approaches work. And as I mentioned earlier, having these techniques at your disposal makes it much easier to use these happiness hacks in real life.

For these two reasons, I always start by teaching these stress relief techniques. When you have learned to resolve conflicts in this new way, it is much easier to learn the happiness approaches.

So if you haven’t done so already, fill in the questionnaire at planbstressrelief.com and let’s get you started on learning these techniques. Or if you are feeling adventurous, book a free 30-minute assessment call on the booking calendar.

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