Short introduction to Plan B Stress Relief

Juuso Voltti

My name is Juuso Voltti and I would like to introduce you to a completely different way of relieving stress.

I am sure you are already familiar with all kinds of stress management techniques. You have probably tried things like abdominal breathing, meditation, yoga and different types of relaxation exercises. And while these techniques do help to reduce your stress, it is not always easy to do them.

The problem with traditional stress management

I have personally found that the more stressed I am, the less inclined I am to actually use those techniques. And this is simply because using those techniques seem like a lot of work. If I am really tired, it feels much easier to try and avoid the problem altogether. So instead of using stress management techniques I might watch tv or call a friend and go out for a drink or whatever.

Another problem that I have had with traditional stress management techniques is that while they do help me to reduce my stress levels for a moment, they usually don’t do much to help me resolve the actual cause of the stress.

Time for Plan B…

I knew I needed something different. What I eventually found was you a simple process that is easy to do even when you are stressed out.

Unlike most stress management techniques, with this approach, you get to actually resolve the stress instead of simply managing it. This makes a huge difference.

So what is the best way to learn this?

Well, that depends on the situation you are currently in. And in order for me to give you the best possible answer, I would like to know a little bit about you and the situation you are in. For this purpose, I have made a simple questionnaire, which you can fill in.

When you have filled in the questionnaire, I will be able to send you specific, personalized recommendations on what I believe would be the best way for you to learn this.

Simply fill in the questionnaire below and we will continue from there! Talk to you soon!

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